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In a nutshell, with Relevant Yield sales teams can:

  • Get all sales channels in one view and easily follow ad sales by page, deal type, placement, sales person, advertiser, date etc.
  • Get alarms if something unexpected happens in ad sales.
  • Get forecast on ad sales and complete analyses based on sales history.
  • Map purchases by advertiser (all channels), and view purchases by industry.
  • Have user-specific roles, overviews, reports, alarms, filters and statements.


In general

Relevant Yield has three modules, and while all three modules tie into some areas it is primarily the API Insights and the HB Analytics modules that will help your sales teams the most.

Both modules can be used for measuring revenues and to build sales-related alarms; but it is the API Insights that can deliver most of the dedicated sales information and functionality to the sales team, as the API Insight data has more detailed information on advertisers and buyers.

The API Insights also offer both comparison and forecasting capabilities; so you can easily have a dashboard showing expected end of month revenue levels, broken down by revenue type as an example. 


Relevant Yield: A quick overview of the 3 modules


The API Insights module

The API Insights module collects a lot of data from all the different sales sources (adserver, SSPs, analytics, etc.), and unify the data into user specific dashboards and reports. It gives your team instant access to the information your team needs, and you can even build alarms on particular advertisers or deals as needed. 


Here is a list of the most common dimensions/metrics your team will work with (but there are many more):

  • Revenue, advertiser
  • Buyer (DSP seat)
  • DSP
  • Revenue type (open, deals, direct)
  • Deals
  • Deal type
  • Media type
  • Payment type
  • Creative size

These can be sliced, diced and filtered across websites and placements.

The API data is stored forever (or until you ask us to remove it), so it is easy to do year on year, month on month or day on day analysis or similar. This is much more than the sources offer on their own!


Mapping Advertisers & Buyers

As advertisers and buyers come in from multiple systems, utilizing slightly different names, the API Insights has the option to build advertiser and buyer mappings, merging, for example, advertisers into grouped advertisers. 

This is very useful, as it can mimic the same advertiser structure that you use in your CRM. In fact, we can import your CRM advertiser structure, so you can map towards it. 

You can also work with multiple advertiser mappings to create advertisers by business verticals (e.g. the advertiser “Car brands”, can contain all the car brand advertisers), and you can easily switch between these advertiser mappings in your dashboards.



What type of users can I have for my sales teams?

There are primarily 2 types of users that fit the sales team:

  • The Sales user
  • The Sales Director user

The Sales Director user can control all the settings of the Sales users, including advertiser and buyer mappings. The Sales Director user is usually used by a sales coordinator in bigger organizations that spans across several sales teams; or multiple entities where the sharing of data is not wanted.


This is what the system can offer the Sales Representative User:

  • Access to all the system data, but filtered by specific entities (websites).
  • User-specific advertiser and buyer assignments, which enables dashboards and reports to cover the users’ areas of responsibility.
  • Simplified dashboards, covering the most important sales data. 
  • On the fly reporting and custom-made dashboards.
  • Complete sales channel and revenue overview: which advertiser/buyer is buying on what type of deal on what placement, through which sales chanel.
  • Alarms on anything that can be reported.
  • Fully customizable dashboards and advertiser filters, so you can even show your advertiser clients how they are performing through different channels and in which parts of your sites when you visit them in their offices!


This is what the system can offer the Sales Director User:

The Sales Director User is considered an Admin user, and has full access to everything in the system. The Sales Director can do everything the Sales User can, but also has access to many other functions. 

The most important ones are listed here:

  • Reporting on Sales Users’ performance.
  • Handling The Sales User Representatives’ access and reporting options.
  • Building and editing of buyer and advertiser mappings.
  • Utilizing entity spanning reports, dashboards or alarms.
  • Complete access to all the metrics and dimensions
  • Monthly statement generation per entity



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