HB Analytics

Monitors your Header Bidding setups, and make sure you get advanced comparable data, to what Relevant yield collects.

Real time header bidding analytics for performance monitoring and optimisation

The Relevant Yield Header Bidding Analytics is a module that can be included in your Relevant Yield setup. It monitors your Header Bidding setups, and make sure you get advanced comparable data, to what Relevant yield collects.

ReportWhat can I see in the Header Bidding Analytics?

  • Same granularity breakdown as in Relevant Yield: Publisher/Website/Placement
  • Realtime data collection for the first 30 days. After that the data is grouped into daily data.
  • All the metrics from the prebid.js framework, such as:

Gross Revenue
Adunit Requests
Impressions (Rendered)
Winning Bids
Bid requests
Cancelled Bids
Avg. Response ms
Avg. Rendered ms
Timed out bids
No bid responses
Bid responses
Failed renderings
AdUnit eCPM
Pageview eCPM
Timed out Bids%

  • Report performance on custom parameters; you can fix a view of HBA data generated from “logged in users”, or a particular “search” etc etc.
  • Built to be comparable to the API reports, so you can see the full flow from Header Bidding to SSP API data, to Invoice statement data.
  • Build custom alarms on selected Metrics, giving you actionable data and information when something is not working as expected.


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“The use of Relevant Yield has enabled us to manage our programmatic sales channels more efficiently as we have a clear overview in one place of what takes place in various SSPs. It has also freed up a lot of our team’s time from manual reporting that we have been able to allocate to optimizing yield which has translated into improved earnings for us and enables us to share more real-time view of customers’ programmatic spends with our sales managers.”

Saku Sahramies

Product Development online&linear, MTV Oy (Part of Bonnier Group)