HB Analytics

Valuable monitoring of Header Bidding setup




Real time header bidding analytics for performance monitoring and optimisation

HB Analytics drives value for publishers and sales houses by monitoring Header Bidding setups, making sure it runs efficiently and tracking new ways of optimization. It monitors your Header Bidding setups, and make sure you get advanced comparable data, to what Relevant yield collects.


🔥 1. Real-time monitoring

  • Track in real time how Header bidding setups perform
  • You can build your own bid landscape across the adapters you are running in your  setup, something that is not even offered by all of the adapters themselves.

🔥 2. Grow revenue through data-driven optimization

  • Get complex data from multiple sources, surfaced in a simple way
  • SSP, vendor and placement level performance insights to enable easy optimization and monitoring for technical errors:

    All Prebid metrics: Gross Revenue, Pageviews, Adunit Requests, Impressions (Rendered), Winning Bids, Bid requests, Cancelled Bids, Avg. Response ms, Avg. Rendered ms, Timed out bids, No bid responses, Bid responses, Failed renderings, Browser, OS, Platform, eCPM, AdUnit eCPM, Pageview eCPM, Timed out Bids%

    Custom-built metrics: Anything rendered on the webpage, and be turned into a measurable dimension/metric, so if you want to see performance on a particular article ID, or on Consented vs Non consented users; it can be added. This also means that revenue levels can be measured to really fit your business model.
  • Utilize the PreBid metrics, or your own custom metrics, to build alarms that fit your interest in the performance; anything from Revenue, to Repsonsetimes, to Fillrates.

🔥 3. Avoid Revenue loss

  • The Alarms will instantly give you information if your setup is facing issues (delays in response times, poor fill rates, traffic drops etc), and the Bid landscape will give you a proper idea about how the adapters perform on your specific parameters.
  • Optimize your reaction time and your floor prices.

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