Petri Kokkonen

CEO, Partner

EXPERTISE: Leadership, Digital industry, Advertising Ecosystem

Petri serves as CEO and partner of our company, bringing over two decades of expertise in the digital industry to the table. His role is to motivate and guide our team towards ambitious goals that will better serve our customers. In his free time, Petri enjoys boating and aims to obtain an international boating license in the future. When he's not working, Petri can be found tackling small renovation and decoration projects at home, often at the request of his wife.



Ronny Linder

CPO, Partner

EXPERTISE: Ad Tech, Innovation, Business Development

As the head of product development, Ronny brings over two decades of experience in the AdTech and digital industry to the table. With a focus on customer needs and team collaboration, he seamlessly transforms creative ideas into innovative solutions that keep pace with the ever-evolving digital market. When he's not working, Ronny can be found indulging in his passions for music, gaming, and surfing. When Ronny has the floor, the speech may take quite a long time.


Olli Järvilehto

COO, Partner

EXPERTISE: Operations, Digital Strategy, Digital media

Olli leads our operational efforts with nearly 15 years of experience in the digital advertising industry. He guarantees efficient project management, ensuring tasks are allocated equitably and delivered on schedule. Outside of work, Olli is an avid skier and golfer and is the proud owner of the world's cutest rescue dog, Fani, who can often be found at our office. A coffee enthusiast, Olli is known to consume large quantities of the beverage, and it's not uncommon to see an abandoned cup in the office's coffee machine belonging to him.    



CDO, Chief Dog Officer

Expertise: Aquatic relaxation, slumber, ball retrieval

Pepe is a beloved member of our team at the Keilaniemi office, where he fulfills his role as a furry friend. He is always ready to play, with a tennis ball ready in his mouth. While Pepe is well-liked by all, his exuberance can sometimes lead to disruptions in meetings. In his downtime, Pepe enjoys taking dips in the water. He also has two furry assistants, Fani and Hilla, who usually work shifts in our office one at a time in order to avoid "over-managing".

Kimmo Vihanto

Kimmo Vihanto

Director, Partnerships, Partner

Expertise: Media Pioneer, Partnership Development, Innovations

Kimmo is one of the founding members of Relevant Digital. With nearly three decades of experience in the media industry, he is a true pioneer. Today, his role is to identify new partnerships that will help the company expand into new markets. Outside of work, Kimmo's greatest passion is golf. He has dominated the company golf tournament year after year, leaving his competitors in the dust. Kimmo is not a morning person, so it's best to give him a moment to enjoy his coffee before starting any conversations. Once he's had his coffee, he's ready to engage fully.


Thuy Ho

Sales Manager

Expertise: Sales Management, Ad tech, Problem-solving

As a Sales Manager, Thuy helps clients identify their challenges in programmatic operations and explores ways to solve them with Relevant Yield. Despite being a newcomer, Thuy is eager to broaden and deepen her industry knowledge so she can provide the best assistance to clients and the Relevant Digital team. Thuy enjoys traveling and working from different locations, but she also likes being in the office with her work bestie, Late.


Tuukka Aaltonen

Project Manager

Expertise: Digital advertising technologies and processes, Agile Project Management, Digital service development

Tuukka plays a critical role in driving growth for our customers' advertising businesses by offering both technical and commercial expertise. With over a decade of experience in digital service development consulting, Tuukka brings a deep understanding of ad tech and proficiency in agile development practices to the table. In his free time, Tuukka indulges his interests in history, human kindness, contemporary art, cycling, and high-quality artisan coffee.


Simo Kulmala

Head of Programmatic

Expertise: Programmatic, Yield optimisation, Prebid, SSPs 

Simo's role is to assist our customers with setting up their programmatic operations and share ideas to optimize returns for optimal results. His knowledge of programmatic and its systems is unparalleled with nearly 8 years of experience, and he is constantly seeking new ways to optimise. In addition to his passion for work, Simo is a true green thumb and has created a veritable jungle of plants both at home and in the office. With an abundance of pets, his home has been nicknamed the "zoo." In his free time, Simo enjoys games, painting, music, and bouldering.


Alex Fawcett

Head of Customer Success

Expertise: Customer success, Adtech, Technical support

Alex spearheads our service team, leveraging his decade-plus of international Ad Tech industry experience to drive maximum value for our customers. He is constantly seeking innovative solutions to better serve the unique needs of our clients and address the specific challenges faced by publishers. With his unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Alex is a valuable asset to our team.


Suvi Leino

Head of Marketing

Expertise: Marketing Strategy, Marketing Management, Digital media

Suvi is responsible for ensuring that Relevant Digital and its offerings are widely recognized. She has been a valued member of the team for over a decade. On the company blog, Suvi shares expertise in digital media trends and best practices with everyone. In her spare time, she enjoys a diverse range of sports including swimming, boxing, and golf. She is also passionate about cooking and is always eager to learn more. You can always count on Suvi for the latest and greatest recipes and restaurant recommendations.