Revenue Management Platform for Publishers

The platform saves publishers’ time significantly and provides a detailed view to develop various sources of sales. It makes follow-up, reporting and revenue optimisation much easier.


To make your life easier, and get the most out of your programmatic setup!

Using multiple sales systems is a part of the everyday life for almost all media, especially in programmatic sales of advertising. Increasing the number of technology partners is necessary to achieve sales growth, but at the same time sales tracking, reporting and optimisation gets more complicated. We solved the challenge by developing a platform – Relevant Yield – that enables multiple SSPs and Adservers’ monitoring and reporting in one interface.

  • Automate your reporting
  • Get a holistic overview on Yield performance
  • Be notified when something doesn’t work
  • Stay up to date on spend across channels
  • Relevant Yield for follow-up, reporting and optimisation and more advanced use HB Analytics  and HB Manager extra modules.

 Can be used by both Publishers and Sales networks.


What makes Relevant Yield special?

Cross reporting functionality

Cross reporting functionality 
Not only across your SSPs and adservers, but also both your API data and Your Header Bidding Analytics data.

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Individual dynamic dashboards

To do changes on the fly, and work based on collected data.

Wireless connection technologies

Full control over Advertisers

Mapping and filtering based on all your SSP sources.


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Fully customisable alarms

Based on both API and Header Bidding data.


“The use of Relevant Yield has enabled us to manage our programmatic sales channels more efficiently as we have a clear overview in one place of what takes place in various SSPs. It has also freed up a lot of our team’s time from manual reporting that we have been able to allocate to optimizing yield which has translated into improved earnings for us and enables us to share more real-time view of customers’ programmatic spends with our sales managers.”

Saku Sahramies

Product Development online&linear, MTV Oy (Part of Bonnier Group)

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