HB Manager

Easy management of Header Bidding setup




HB Manager enables easy management and optimization of the Header bidding setup 

HB Manager is a fully standalone solution from all SSPs & Adservers, providing the publisher with agnostic control of managing programmatic partners. HB Manager enables media companies to use modern digital advertising sales technologies, facilitation of implementation as well as real-time sales optimization and thus significant business efficiency.

The publisher does not have to install or update the code on their pages, but the management is done through a simple graphical user interface.

HB Manager is fully detached from SSPs, providing the publisher with the added control of managing programmatic partners. The HB Manager enables you to realize the full potential of programmatic sales without coding skills.



🔥 Speed up and simplify your Header Bidding setups:

  • Manage your header through our streamlined User interface; removing the need to individually update code directly.
  •  Use easily customizable templates for global or site specific configurations.
  • Built on the prebid standard.
  • Implement the latest Prebid versions automatically.

🔥 Be independent:

  • Once onboarded, manage and update your prebid setup without having to involve your tech department.
  • Add / Remove SSPs and Adapters without having to involve your tech department, allowing for rapid A / B testing.
  • Rapidly react to any potential supply issue by temporarily deactivating & reactivating SSP and Adapters, on the fly in real-time.

🔥 Improve yield:

  • Ability to push floor prices in the Relevant Yield interface, based on insights of your prebid analytics data.
  • Stay on top of your yield using advanced realtime integrated Analytics and Alarms with Relevant Yield: Header Bidding Analytics.
  • Cross referential reporting and statement generation with API data, through Relevant Yield.

🔥 Improve page efficiency:

  • Call placements only present on the page. Manage this in the UI with tools facilitating the attribution to placements to website sections, at a granular level. Placements are dynamically pushed to the Header from inside the Relevant Yield tool.

The HB Manager frees up customers ’software development resources, which becomes straightforward cost savings. Our HB Manager can always be tailored to your specific needs. Ask more information from our sales.


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