Use data to find new customers and engage the existing ones



  • Find new customers at the top of your customer funnel from large but also narrow customer groups.
  • Build data profiles of your best customers and search for more online.
  • Use the data to understand which of your promotional messages works best, what is the best time to show them, and who are buying your product or service and why.
  • Understand what kind of people are your potential and buying customers.
  • Use the above to increase your turnover.

Relevant helps advertisers make more effective online advertising by using data

Our services are focused on helping companies that sell their services and products online. We offer help e.g. reaching productive audiences online, making sensible use of data, and  buying programmatic advertising, because we are particularly good at these. We can do everything for you or, for example, train you in the use of the systems and support you in doing it independently.

Below you can find out more about the services we offer. Our operations are always customer-oriented and you can contact us even if you do not find exactly what you are looking for on our site, but you need help or support with online advertising. After hearing the background and starting situation, we are able to tell you how we could best benefit your company.

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