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Resources and support for online advertising challenges

Situations change and at times resourcing can be challenging. We provide support as needed either for longer periods or as urgent assistance in unexpected situations such as in cases of holidays or illnesses. We can also solve difficult technical problems whenever assistance is necessary. Our team knows how to use all of the common technologies for ad-servers, product management and programmatic sales.

Relevant AdOps are there to help you with all of this and we will teach you how to use the ad server of your choice to traffic your campaigns and make the best of it. Relevant AdOps tailor-make your training session to your individual needs, ad server system and your individual setup.

In the end of 2019, we carried out customer satisfaction survey among our Relevant Adops customers. Relevants service is overall considered to be both friendly, skilled, quick and trustworthy.

Examples of our Adops Services

  • Online trafficking – taking a campaign to advertising management, inspection of campaign creatives, monitoring the release of a campaign, monitoring and final reporting of campaign objectives
  • Technical trafficking – technical modification of creatives, modification of the ad placements, rich media positioning, html/dhtml/html5 coding.
  • Urgent trafficking– fast response in unexpected situations.
  • Advertising templates – coding and testing of new advertising products.
  • Support during critical situations – support and consulting in problems related to online advertising, migration projects, new tagging structures, etc.
  • Training sessions – system training, workshops, consultancy.

Here are some examples of the systems we manage:

Adfrom, Google Marketing Platform, Google Ad Manager, Google Campaign Manager, Rubicon, Improve Digital, Appnexus, OpenX, Adnuntius, Smart, Criteo, DistrictM, Freewheel,  Index Exchange, JustPremium, Pubmatic, RTB+, WideSpace, Yieldlab.

How to get started?

Feel free to contact us if you need help or support with online advertising. Let’s go through the current situation and needs together and tailor an entity or training to suit your needs.

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