Technologies and development projects

The Relevant team provides consulting in all kinds of challenges related to commercialising and developing online media and advertising. Our ultimate goal is to improve returns on online advertising, boost the value of an audience and create new revenue streams. For the editorial staff we assist you optimise the user experience and subscriber optimisation. We are happy to handle everything from individual projects to extensive strategy work. Our work is customer-oriented and we are very willing to work on projects in which we can grow and expand our own know-how. So please contact us even if you cannot find your own challenge from the list.

For example, we can help with these:

  • Management and commercialization of data – Collection, utilization and commercialization of visitor data.
  • Ad server consulting – integrations, implementation and migration.
  • Programmatic sales – Sales models, systems and processes.
  • Sales models and processes – Effective models for the sales and processes of online advertising.
  • Productization and price models – Productization and pricing solutions for online advertising.
  • Inventory and ad placement analyses – The sales rate and potential of inventory and efficiency of ad placements.
  • Video advertising – Possibilities and commercialization of video.
  • Training – We provide training with all the tools we promote and produce various workshops when needed.

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Example of consulting - Ad serving

What comes to publishers’ technologies, the ad server is one of the most important tools. Relevant has, for more than a decade, successfully assisted many clients in ad server projects. In most cases it is most cost-effective to ask an experienced professional for assistance, rather than trying to figure out and manage everything yourself. Over the years, we have assisted dozens of our Nordic customers with setup projects among other with Emediate/Cxense Display, One by AOL, Wideorbit, DoubleClick for Publishers, Appnexus, and Smart Adserver. We will also be happy to assist you with a successful project.

When a publisher chooses an ad server they should take their time to properly evaluate the options and choose the one that offers the features they actually needs. What each publisher needs varies a lot and one ad server may be a good fit for some while another one may offer different features. Some publishers, has a need for solutions for application advertising, others for tools for video advertising which fits all screens. And everyone needs a solution that seamlessly integrates into programmatic sales channels, allowing the highest possible returns. 

Relevant has been cooperating with Smart Adserver since 2016, one of the leading direct and programmatic platform for premium media companies. Relevant represents Smart Adserver exclusively in Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. But we also help with the other systems, as consultations and deployment projects are always produced on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the needs and opportunities of the customer.

How to get started?

Feel free to contact us if you need help or consulting. Let’s go through the current situation and needs together and tailor an entity or project to suit your needs.


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