Relevant Programmatic - Increase advertising revenue from the site


If you want to monetise your site's advertising inventory through programmatic methods, boost your revenue, or update your operational models — such as implementing Header Bidding or Prebid.js — Relevant Digital is the ideal partner to meet your needs.

Relevant provides a comprehensive service solution for your programmatic advertising needs, whether you aim to sell programmatic deals or monetise unsold inventory. We can manage the entire process for you or assist with specific challenges. Relevant Programmatic addresses the common obstacles publishers encounter in programmatic ad sales, such as resource constraints, technological expertise, and staying updated with the latest know-how.

Relevant Programmatic Services has established its presence in the market over the years, consistently delivering optimal solutions. We're committed to continuous innovation, always exploring enhanced strategies to guarantee the utmost success for our clients.


What is Relevant Programmatic?

While programmatic selling is often perceived as entirely automated, creating this automation to bridge buyers and sellers must be tailored to the demands of both sides. With Relevant Programmatic, we link your advertising inventory directly to an advertiser’s buying tools (Demand Side Platforms), ensuring your inventory is easily accessible to advertisers. By leveraging various Sell Side Platforms for programmatic sales, we aim to get you the best yield for your advertising inventory.

  • We work alongside you to optimise revenue from your advertising inventory.
  • Through our consulting services, we enhance and streamline your existing operations.
  • With extensive knowledge of various SSPs, we can pinpoint the best fits for your needs.
  • Monitor your ad sales seamlessly with our API Insights - Relevant Yield.
  • We can also help you with individual programmatic challenges.

Customer comments:

  • Relevant has done everything very smoothly.
  • In small organisations, it is better not to study everything by yourself.
  • Relevant has met my expectations. Job well done.
  • Everything has worked out fine, and our wishes have always been considered very well. 
  • All was handled quickly, and the deals were ready. 
  • Flexible, quick and solution-orientated service.
  • Everything works out fine.

How to get started?

Together, we evaluate your current programmatic operations and then create a plan to execute the best strategy. Consulting and services are always produced individually so that we can tailor your solution to the best and most efficient results. You don’t have to learn to use the different systems – we do it all.

Relevant Programmatic has been developed since 2011, and we have already helped over 100 publishers launch and develop their programmatic sales. We have several customers in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Spain.

Feel free to contact us, and let's see how we can increase the advertising revenue from your site.