Relevant Yield

Reliable API reporting for optimisation, leading sales and techstack

To make your life easier, and get the most out of your programmatic setup!

Relevant Yield enables multiple SSPs and Adservers’ monitoring and reporting in one interface. The system provides a detailed, easily customisable view to all sales channels. It makes follow-up, reporting and revenue optimisation much easier and saves publishers time for more productive work.

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Relevant Yield drives value by saving time and increasing revenue

🔥  Grow revenue through data-driven optimization

- complex data from multiple sources, surfaced in a simple way

- SSP, vendor and placement level performance insights to enable easy optimization

🔥  Reduce lost revenue with Performance monitoring

- monitor sales in real-time and get alerts if something goes wrong

- avoid lost revenue going undetected

🔥  Empower a smarter sales team

- customised dashboards enable individual members of your sales team to identify which inventory an advertiser is pursuing, via which channels

- enable your sales team to focus on advertisers with spend spikes on the open exchanges and support pursuit of premium deals


🔥  Benefit from Significant Cost Savings

- programmatic reporting; from individual deal reports & weekly revenue updates to network management, your ops team will save significant time that can be applied to actual revenue-impacting activities such as optimisations

- financial reporting / reconciliation – streamline time spent on monthly reporting from 2 days to 2 hours

- customisation - get the benefits of customised dashboarding, without investing dev time in house; apply your development resources to other revenue-driving projects


  • Automated reporting on SSP and Adserver level; broken down per site and placement
  • Metric analysis & reporting: eCPM, fill-rate, sold impressions, revenue
  • Cross-SSP Advertiser analytics & mappings
  • Custom dashboards and permissions per user
  • Optimization dashboards for multiple SSP and cross-SSP statistics
  • Invoice and Statement generation
  • Sales Forecasting Dashboard
  • Extra modules:  HB Analytics and HB Manager for more advanced use.

    Relevant Yield integrations


  • We connect with Adservers, SSPs and other sales sources primarily through API integrations. If we cannot get API access we can also work with scheduled reports.
  • We already support the most common SSPs and Adservers, but we are constantly adding new support. It does not matter if it is Display, Mobile, Native, Video or something else: if there is a way to get the core data, we will build an integration.
  • If there is a connection not listed here, we are happy to build support for it during the Onboarding phase, and it is usually not something we charge extra for.

Supported SSPs: Adform, Admanager/Adx, Appnexus, Criteo, DistrictM, Freewheel, Improve Digital, Index Exchange, JustPremium, OpenX, Pubmatic, RTB+, Rubicon, WideSpace, Yieldlab, Outbrain, Teads, Amazon

Supported Adservers: Adform, Admanager, Adnuntius, Appnexus, Smart + Many more!

Customers experience

“The use of Relevant Yield has enabled us to manage our programmatic sales channels more efficiently as we have a clear overview in one place of what takes place in various SSPs. It has also freed up a lot of our team’s time from manual reporting that we have been able to allocate to optimizing yield which has translated into improved earnings for us and enables us to share more real-time view of customers’ programmatic spends with our sales managers.”

- Saku Sahramies, Product Development online&linear, MTV Oy (Part of Bonnier Group)



Ready to Grow your Ad Revenue and save time?

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