Tailored Audiences

Audiences based on your visitor data and modeling

In addition to ready-made audiences, we offer advertisers various opportunities to expand own audiences and bring own segmentations to be utilized in digital campaigns.

Lookalike modeling 

By analyzing the data, it is possible to identify what kind of audiences are most valuable for the company. They can then be targeted with advertising that is relevant to them. But how can we reach more similar audiences like our best customers and gain more customers cost-effectively?

Lookalike modeling can be used to find audiences that behave in the same way as the company’s most profitable customers. It is done by using statistical methods. In practice, different attributes are defined from the advertiser's own audience (website visitors) and after the audience will be expanded from a wider data mass by means of modeling.

Lookalike modeling is an effective way to reach new potential customers. Modeling allows you to do more effective marketing and thus also save money. Understand your customers better and learn which marketing measures work best to convert.

Motive-based segmentation

In order to effectively utilize data relevant to the advertiser in digital brand marketing as well, we have made it possible to introduce advertisers' own segmentations as a targeting criterion for digital advertising.

Simplified process:

  • We run the customer's survey in our panel, i.e. we use the customer's own research method to segment the sample.
  • Panelists will be asked for permission to utilize the data, allowing us to identify their browsing behavior.
  • This way, we can build source data for different segments and use this data as teaching material for machine learning algorithms.
  • After this, our data mass is searched for similar visitors as the original target group.

Our database covers 16 million browsers and nearly half a billion data transactions per month. So we can model the advertiser's own target groups from a very comprehensive data mass to be utilized in digital advertising as well.

Would you like to hear more?

We’ve successfully helped many advertisers from a variety of industries take advantage of the data. If you want to be able to take advantage of your own segmentations online or want to hear more, leave a contact request or contact Olli Järvilehto (olli.jarvilehto (a) or +358 44 378 8037).